About me

My name is Natalie, and it is hard to really define who I am. I am so many things and play so many roles, but 3 are most important:

  • I am a child of God, who is the source of all of my joy. I was born in 1992 and raised as a Catholic. My Catholic beliefs continue to guide me everyday.
  • I am wife to my amazing husband, Kyle. Kyle is silly, passionate, and hard-working. He is so kind and does his best to put a smile on the face of every person he meets. We met in college in August 2010 and were dating by September 2010. He proposed on our 4 year anniversary in September 2014. We got married in April 2015, and so far it has be joyful ever after.
  • I am Momma to my daughter Miss J, who was born in July 2016. She is joyous, persistent, curious, and loving. She causes much of my chaos, but also encourages so much of my joy. For now Miss J is our only little, but I look forward to any more little blessings that God may bestow on us in the future!

Those are the main things about me! Some other random things:

  • I love to run! I did cross country and long distance track from 7th grade all the way through my first year of college. After that, I participated in a few half and full marathons. Since becoming pregnant with Miss J, I do more walking, but still occasionally get out for a jog.
  • I am passionate about supporting children (or any age of person really) with special needs. I particularly know a lot about kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I worked with children on the spectrum in college, and they taught me about being joyful about the smallest of things.
  • I enjoy learning. My home contains a ton (maybe literally) of books.I have education in the areas of mathematics, psychology, and a little bit of elementary education. Ultimately, I finished with a Master of Occupational Therapy degree. I continue to look for opportunities to learn daily.
  • I am now a stay at home momma with Miss J. I hope to homeschool my children when the time comes!

Thank you for reading (or skimming-with all of the pandemonium, sometimes that’s the best you can hope for!). I hope my words make you smile or at least reveal more of the joy hidden in your own life!