Stop the worry. Start the JOY!

Lately, I have been paralyzed by worry. A lot of things in my life that are up in air. Transitions are eminent, whether I like it or not.

I’ve been packing for our upcoming move, which was already stressful for me. Now, it turns out, we might not only be moving across town, but out of state!

My husband decided to go back to school and make a change of careers, which changed everything. The plan is still being figured out. Meanwhile, bills are adding up, and we have less than a month to be in our new place.

All of this led to a great deal of worrying for me. I was stuck. Each day I barely made it through my required tasks, then I was done. I gave up on my goals. Who has time to better themselves when they are being crushed by worry?

Then I realized, this is the perfect time to grow. It is time to trust in God’s plan. As someone who likes to have every little detail planned out months in advance, this is hard for me. But I know God’s plan for me is joy.

For now, I will pray. I will allow my husband to lead our family. I will be supportive. I will be joyful. I already have my 3 biggest desires in laugh: a God who protects me, a loving husband, and a precious child.

So even in this time of stress, I am going to enjoy all that I have to be thankful for. Even if this situation does not turn out as I wish, I will still have my God, my husband, and Miss J. That is all I will ever need, so I will trasure my time with them, even difficult times.

I have found my key to joy in times of worry: trust in God. I think that is why so many people memorize Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want…”

It emphasizes trusting in God because he will give us what we really want.

So that is my focus for now. I am going to continue to be joyful and trust in God. The rest shall come in time.

Until next time…Look for the joy in your pandemonium!


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