Saturday Morning Laughs

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. 

Saturday morning used to be my designated laugh time when I was a kid. Poptarts, cartoons, and the comics in the newspaper delighted me each Saturday morning. 

Today, this Saturday morning, I decided I just had to laugh to.

I woke up before I wanted to, due to the sinus infection I have been fighting. Miss J wanted to play, so I got ready to head downstairs to drink a cup of coffee and watch my sweet baby. If I had to be awake early on a Saturday while I felt miserable, I was at least going to enjoy it a bit.

I threw the clean laundry in the dryer (which I was supposed to do yesterday, but I put it off because I wasn’t feeling well). Then, I brushed my teeth, changed Miss J’s diaper, and warmed up some coffee. 

Coffee always helps add a bit more joy to my day!

I sit down with my coffee, get the TV turned on, and feel ready to ease into my Saturday. That is when I notice Miss J picking up something strange off the floor by her puzzles. I head over to investigate.

It was poop. A chunk that filled up Miss J’s whole hand. Gross!

I rush Miss J to the bathroom, throw the offending item away, and get her hands washed. Thankfully, her face is clean. She had not tried to taste it yet. 

After I get her all cleaned up, I go back to where she found it. There I see some smeared on the floor. It came from the cat. I find our worst washcloth, and get to scrubbing. As I scrub, I find more tracks of it across the living room. I try to scrub those as well, but Miss J has decided she wants to help.

I contain her in her playpen, and listen to her cry at me as I continue to clean our carpet. The cat joins me and sniffs the spots I just cleaned. She doesn’t seem pleased that I cleaned up her work. 

Finally it is all clean. I toss the wash cloth in the trash, wash my hands, and calm Miss J. 

I put Miss J down on our clean carpet, and head back to my coffee. The coffee is cold. 

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. It is Saturday morning, so I guess now is my time to just laugh. In the moment, it was so frustrating. Taking a step back from it, I see just how comical it was. 

I hope you got some laughs from the joy in my Saturday morning pandemonium.

Until next time…look for the joy in your pandemonium!


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