Teething Troubles

Everyone knows teething is no fun.

This proved true for me when Miss J got her first tooth. She was inconsolable all day, no matter what I did. It was miserable for all of us.

Her next few teeth came snuck in without an issue, though. She did a lot of biting on things, but that was pretty much it. Maybe the first time was a fluke, and Miss J had just been scared because it was a new experience. Our little girl was her happy self now.  I started to think that teething wasn’t as bad as I had previously believed.

Miss J got her first 4 teeth in a span of about 2 weeks time. Then we had a 3 month break. Currently, it is time for more.

While I am glad that teeth numbers 2 through 4 came in easily, they gave me false hope that teething might not be such a difficult ordeal. That hope has been crushed over the past 12 hours.

Miss J tipped us off yesterday that new teeth should be arriving soon. She bit on her finger all day and started licking her top lip, just as she did while her last teeth came in. I got excited to see a couple more teeth up top!

Unfortunately, after those first few warning signals, she also started signaling that those new teeth were going to bring pain along with them. She woke up almost every 15 minutes overnight. Each time she was upset, but wasn’t soothed as easily as she usually is.

Once we get around to getting out of bed, she still isn’t her happy self. Exhaustion from of her lack of sleep last night stole my sweet happy little girl. Instead of giggling and dancing, she stares at me grumpily and clings tight to my arm if I dare try to put her down.

Since I woke up with her all night long, I understand at least the sleep  deprivation part of her teething experience. Thankness I had coffee to help my own mood!

In addition to being tired, Miss J is still in pain. Even when she is in my arms, she occasionally let’s out a wimper as the rubs her gums with her finger. I wish I could take away her pain!

We have a great collection of teethers that help to some extent. For the most part, though, Miss J just wants comfort from her Momma.

Some of our teething toys. The baby banana is probably our favorite because it doubles as a toothbrush!

I scrapped my plans for a productive Monday. Today’s to-do list now only holds one item: comfort Miss J. 

Where is the joy in dealing with a teething baby? The joy is in the comfort. As I write this, I am cuddling with my precious girl and relishing how she reaches her hand up to stroke my cheek as she nurses. My heart sings with joy. 

“…you will have pain, but your pain will turn into joy.” -John 16:20

 In other news, my goals from last week went well. I am going to keep them the same for this week. I still want to put a lot of focus on being more gentle, and continuing to eat breakfast with Miss J each day.

The rest of my life is still pandemonium. We traveled a lot over the weekend, so I have a suitcase full of dirty laundry. And a mailbox full of bills. And a refrigerator full of…nothing. 

Here is what really counts, though. My arms are full with my sweet baby, and my heart is full of joy. That is all I could really ask for!

Until next time…Look for the joy in your pandemonium!


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