Tired Momma

I. Am. Tired. 

And thankful for being tired. I am worn out from a great weekend visiting my family, celebrating my Godson’s first birthday, and lots of play with Miss J. Thank you God for my tiredness and reasons for being tired. 

Our cat is tired too. Wish I could get in a cat nap!

Let’s just jump in with a check in on goals from last week.

1) 3 types of reading a day. (2/3) I my spiritual reading everyday and read to Miss J everyday, but didn’t do an ounce of leisure reading for myself.

2) Have a glass of water everyday and wake up by 7:30. (3/3) I stuck with this one!

3)Focus on patience with Miss J 2 days of the week. (1/3) Didn’t have 2 dedicated days, but I feel I deserve at least 1 point for the moments that I really tried to exercise patience.

4) Continue packing 1 box a day. (0/3) Nope. This week was our anniversary, and we went out of town over the weekend. I was busy, and this just wasn’t a priority. 

5) Spend 1 hour a day in time dedicated to my husband. (3/3) Yep! I love it. 

9/15 for the week. Not the best, but I still feel like it was successful. I still grew a little bit, and I still have more to grow. Which brings me to…

Goals for this week:

1) Gentleness. With myself. With my husband. With Miss J. With others I happen to interact with. A few of the different reflections I have listened to have let me see that my life has been filled with maybe a bit too much pandemonium. I want to try to bring about a gentle atmosphere in my life over the next week.

2) Eat breakfast with Miss J everyday. I am going to finish the last step since I have been working on this over the last couple weeks and I am almost there. I am already getting up early enough and have been eating myself. Now, I want Miss J to join me!

I am going to stick with just those 2 goals this week since last week I aimed a bit too lofty, and goal #1 is pretty big. 

That is all for today! Keeping it simple. Because I’m exhausted. Here’s​ to being gentle with myself.

Until next time…Look for the joy in your pandemonium!


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