In the Weeds

The past few days, I have found myself getting frustrated a lot.

Miss J keeps yelling no matter what I do.

My husband can’t seem to listen to what I tell him.

The internet is too slow.

The cat is being needy and getting into everything.

Or maybe it is me.

What if I am the problem? I seem to be the one having the issues with each scenario.

The more I consider the possibility that I am the problem, it seems more like a probability than possibility.

Now what?

On a closer analysis, I realized something. 

My husband used to talk to me about something back when he worked in the restaurant industry. He would tell me about times when he or his coworkers were “in the weeds.” This was their code for being overwhelmed or having too much going on to the point that they just shut down. 

I am in the weeds.

In the weeds…so many dandelions along our walk!

How can I be in the weeds when it is just me and Miss J all day? I’ve already discussed how I am working on what I want to do to help Miss J with whatever she needs. That seems pretty simple.

That is true…If only it were the case. It is not just Miss J and me. It is also my phone– and the rest of the world that it opens up.

I determined that I am in the weeds because I am constantly being bombarded. Information, conversation, and quests for attention all pop up as little notifications on my phone incessantly all day long.

Today, I put a stop to it. 

I opened up each of the apps on my phone that vie for the most attention. Then I changed the notification settings so that I am not alerted to every little thing. Now the notifications will only pop up in-app instead. My train of thought will no longer be sent off of the rails by my phone.

It has been 3 hours since I changed all of the settings. I already feel more joyful! I can focus on my goals and Miss J. 

My mind is more at peace and my frustration has dissipated even though the cat is still being needy, and my husband still misses some of what I say, and the internet is still slow, and Miss J is still yelling. 

Turns out it was me! Thankfully, it was an easy fix, and enabled me to find so much more joy in my day. I am looking forward to an even better tomorrow!

Until next time…Look for the joy in your pandemonium!


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