Catching Up

Hope everyone had a joy-filled Easter!

Last Monday, I discussed how I love Mondays because I am rested and motivated. This Monday, I am felt more like I was drowning. 

I started the day already behind. Spending Easter out of town with family was wonderful, but it put me very behind on all of my tasks. I started the day with not only all of my usual tasks on my to-do list, but also unpacking and photo editing. It seemed like almost too much to get done!

It can be a struggle to remain joyful on catch-up days with too much to do, but it is possible! My trick is to follow the little one’s lead and do just a little bit at a time.

Miss J wants to play with her trinkets from her Easter basket? Unload a few dishes from the dish washer.

She wants to nurse? Pull the laptop up and edit a few pictures with my spare hand.

She yawns and rubs her eyes? Put her in the stroller so that I can get my jog in while she naps. 

Springtime brought some beautiful flowers with it for me to enjoy on my jog!

And so on. Just a little bit at a time, it all gets done. Because there is so much on the to-do list, there is usually always something productive I can get done while still keeping Miss J happy! 
Even catch up Mondays are pretty great.

Plus, I get to check in on my goals!

I’ll start with a reflection on how last week’s goals went.

1) I did finish my library book, even when I realized it was due a whole day earlier than I thought! ✔

2) I was also able to eat breakfast each day. Sometimes ✔

3) I dedicated Tuesday to being patient when Miss J needed my attention. This one was hard! It was also so, so rewarding though. I am going to expand on this goal in the upcoming week.✔

4) I packed even more than the 1 box a day I aimed for. I just got on a roll! ✔

Four for four- not bad! 

For this week:

1) 3 types of reading a day. Morning spiritual reading. My choice reading. Reading to Miss J. I want to hit each at least once daily, even if only a page at a time.

2) Have a glass of water with breakfast daily and wake up by 7:30. This will lead me closer to a healthy breakfast with Miss J daily. The glass of water will slow my breakfast down a bit. Plus I have noticed feeling a bit dehydrated lately, so this should help with that! I will also have to be up by 7:30 if I am going to have time for Miss J to join me. This is a step in that direction. 

3) Focus on patience with Miss J 2 days this week. I gained so much from the one day I really focused on this last week, so I am going to step it up to twice this week. They say practice makes perfect!

4) Continue packing 1 box a day. I also want to try not to spend too much time on this. I really jumped in last week and maybe went a little bit overboard. The whole point of 1 box a day is not to get overwhelmed!

5) Spend 1 hour a day in time dedicated to my husband.  Our anniversary is coming up, and I am seriously so blessed to have my husband. I don’t want to take him for granted! I want to spend 1 hour for him. I will put the phone down. I’ll stop focusing on checking tasks off my list. Then, I will be free to really listen to him talk about work, or listen to him tell me a story he read on the internet, or watch TV with him, or give him massage. He deserves that hour of my undivided attention. 💓

Each of these small steps help me to live an even more joyous life! What goals do you have?

Until next time….Look for the joy in your pandemonium!


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