Just for ME!

I spend a lot of my time with Miss J.

I stay at home with her while my husband works. Even when he is home, Miss J still nurses, and never figured out how to take the bottle. On top of all of that, she will only sleep on me, so even nap times do not afford me any alone time.

Now, I love spending time with my sweet little girl, but all that time with her can make it hard to be patient.

Fortunately, I have found a secret to staying joyful without having time to myself. That secret is having activities that are solely for me! As long as those activities are all mine, it’s alright having Miss J tag along.

Currently, I have 2 main activities that are all my own: reading and running.


Reading has been a favorite activity of mine since the day I learned how!

My bookcases are my prized possessions! Here is one of mine (I have a few) filled with just some of my many books.

As a kid, I loved fiction. I can still get deep into a good fiction book, but now it is mainly non-fiction topics for me. I just find so much that I want to learn about. I pick a topic and delve in! 

Right now, I am reading all about home education philosophies since I am becoming more and more interested in homeschooling Miss J (and any of her future sibilings) when the time comes. I went a little crazy searching for book suggestions on the topic, and put a hold on any that my local library had. Here is what happened:

Current books I have checked out

I might be in over my head!  I am definitely enjoying the reading, though. I usually try to get my reading time in while Miss J is sleeping on me.


My “well loved” running shoes. I spent years trying to find a pair that worked well for running in. I finally found these. Unfortunately, a few years later Nike redesigned this shoe and I am not a huge fan of the new design. I am currently on the lookout for a new pair that works well for me!

I gained my passion for running when is was in 7th grade. My best friend joined cross country, and my dad had done cross country when he was in highschool​. I figured I would give it a shot…Even though I had no idea what it was!

When I told my dad I wanted to join the team, he took me to a track near our house and had me jog around it. I was drained after the first lap. How on Earth was I going to race 4 times that distance?!?Somehow, I did. I have loved it ever since!

I ran cross country and long distance track from 7th grade through highschool. In college, I ran cross country for the first year (my school did not have track). After the first year, I decided to pursue running solo instead of on a team. The reasons why are a long story…for another time.

I participated in a few marathons, half-marathons, and other trail running events. They drained me, but brought me so much joy all at the same time.

When I got pregnant with Miss J, I started walking instead. Since having her I have alternated days. One day I walk while “wearing” her in a baby carrier. The next I put her in a jogging stroller and go abck and forth between walking and jogging. I jog until I get tired, then walk until I am ready to jog again. Pushing that jogging stroller is hard work! 

Reading and running bring me joy.

They are my “just for me” activities.

Yet they help me to be better in all of my roles. 

They help me to have more patience with Miss J. They allow me to be loving to my husband when I get annoyed that he gets “free” time away from our daughter and I. They remind me of all the joys God has in store for me when I meet Him one day.

Do you have activities “just for you?” I would love to hear about them!

Until next time…Look for the joy in your pandemonium!


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