Adapt adapt adapt

While I was in school to become an occupational therapist, I did not realize how much what I learned would apply to being a mom. Now, all of that information that I spent years learning is working for me even though I do not have a job as an occupational therapist!  To make sense of… Continue reading Adapt adapt adapt

Calm after the Storm

Calm. Finally. For most of my life, I can remember thinking after something was over, I can finally be calm. After I get my paper for class written. After the wedding. After I graduate. After I pass my boards. After my daughter is born. After my husband finds a good job. After we move. After… Continue reading Calm after the Storm

Marvellous Monday!

That is right! Recently, I have been looking forward to Mondays. The Lord really knew what he was doing when he prescribed rest on Sundays. It sets me up for truly marvellous Mondays. There are two reasons for this:  1) I am rested.  Resting on Sundays refreshes me. I fill my soul with family time and prayer… Continue reading Marvellous Monday!